It’s that time again… preparing to move

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Right now I’m at this stage when I’m psyching myself up for the upcoming house move. I don’t thrive in the mess and chaos of cardboard boxes all around and not remembering whether a something has already been packed or I just can’t find it in the general disorder, but… hey, we’ve survived this several times in the past decade, so I figure we can do it again. Even with twice the number of kids we had last time. Yeah. Totally.

I do have some tips for moving house in a way that will leave your sanity and your possessions largely intact, and I share those in my latest Mother Earth News post:

Moving house is the ultimate decluttering motivator. All those nooks and crannies, stashes and boxes you have successfully avoided until now are going to be dragged into the light of day, like it or not. And, since you’re actually taking the trouble of packing each possession, you naturally ask yourself, do I really need this?

The answer for us, in about half of the cases, is probably not. I’m married to a hoarder, and my kids have magpie-like tendencies as well. If they’re away from home, I can throw away half their toys and they won’t notice, but if I try to gain some more shelf space while they’re here… oh boy. We had quite a bit of drama last week over a one-armed doll.

Just wish me luck as I’m going to pack and move and unpack all over again, okay?



4 thoughts on “It’s that time again… preparing to move

  1. Well, I certainly hope you have some help!! Moving is never easy, at any age!! I am living in the 17th place in my almost 46 years of marriage…some sojourns were short…others quite long…longest in one spot was 13 years…and I never wished to leave that awful town so much as anywhere in my life…everywhere since has been much nicer, fortunately!! I hope you can stay put awhile wherever you are moving this time!!

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