In addition to blogging and writing non-fiction books and articles, I also write fiction (fantasy, historical fiction and sci-fi) under my pen name, Hannah Ross. Check out my Amazon Author Page.

The Last Outpost – an environmental science fiction novel set in Antarctica. Features an isolated research station, a huge government conspiracy, and giant ancient reptiles frozen in ice.

The Last Outpost by [Ross, Hannah]

Quest of the Messenger – an epic fantasy trilogy.


The Greenlanders – Viking-era historical fiction.


Wild Children – a dystopian novel set in a world where government seizes control of reproductive freedom and unauthorized children are penalized for being born.

Published by Mason Marshall Press.

The Landlord – a ghost story with flashbacks to the Regency era.

The Landlord by [Ross, Hannah]

Land of the Lost Tribe – a speculative historical fiction novel set in the legendary Ethiopian Jewish kingdom of Simien.

Land of the lost tribeShort